Utilizing the “power of microorganisms,” Matsumoto Institute of Microorganisms Co., Ltd. seeks to create a sustainable society into the future where people can live comfortably; while co-existing in mutual prosperity with various forms of life on earth. Since our establishment in 1980, we have continuously researched and developed technologies which utilize microorganisms in a wide range of fields, such as agriculture, greening, environmental improvement, fisheries, and farming, and manufacturing and selling microbial products. We will continue to move ahead in the R&D, production, and sales of microorganisms.

Takaaki Maki, Representative Director

Introducing Matsumoto Institute of Microorganisms’ major fields in which microbial products are developed,
manufactured, and sold…

  • Agriculture

    vegetables, flowers, rice paddies, fruit trees, etc.

    • Nurturing soil containing useful microorganisms
    • Cultivating healthy nursery plants
    • Improving the quality, taste and safety of food crops
    • Cultivating healthy crops with increased yields
    • Producing good composts and promoting fermentation


  • Environmental improvement

    wastewater purification facilities and livestock production facilities

    • Promoting wastewater purification (digesters)
    • Reducing odors (digesters and livestock production facilities)
  • Greening

    golf courses and garden trees

    • Maintaining healthy lawns (golf courses)
    • Growing healthy tress and recovery of tree vigor
  • Fisheries

    shrimp aquaculturing

    • Environment improvement for shrimp aquaculture


  • Farming

    pig farming

    • Raising healthy pigs that yield tasty meat